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Default Need ideas for a day of drinking and smoking some snacks

Ok. So here's the deal.
I've got a buddy coming over this weekend. I'm not doing a butt, I'm not doing a brisket, I'm not doing anything large. The idea is to have the smoker going all damn day and cook nothing but "snacks".
We're planning a day of performing nothing productive, drinking lots of cocktails, and "grazing" all day long.
The only smoked food he's had was the usual PP or brisket at local restaurants, so I want to show him how real men have fun. The guy will probably be here 10 hours or so, so there'll be plenty of time to sample the goodies throughout the day.

Of course there will be spiced cream cheese filled Jalapenos, those are nice. I'll probably do a fattie so he can experience the magic of those. Of course, very high on my list are the "pig shots" that have received so much exposure here recently.

What else should I do? What sounds good for this situation.
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