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Originally Posted by buccaneer View Post
They are the same peppercorns, just different ripeness when picked...and black is the hotter one.
Different peppercorns have different heat profiles but as Boshizzle said, the grind particle size is what you need to focus one here, then volume porportion.
Grind in larger particle sizes for less heat.
Bucc, I wont post websites because there is a wide difference in opinion weather or not white is the hotter of the pepper. I have always understood it is but do not use if very often and then only in mashed potatoes sometimes. The last time I did they were not good and now that I have read up on it, the quality makes a big difference in taste so maybe if I can find some I will give it a go. I agree with you and others the course grind is a good thing.

On a different note which you did not post about, sugar. I said it can be used to reduce the heat from almost anything just like dairy products or bread and so the op may consider using sugar for that purpose at some time before or after the cook. As for a bark well it may deeply darken the meat appearance and if burnt will cause it to seem like a bark but not a true bark as far as I am concerned.
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