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Originally Posted by Sean "Puffy" Coals View Post
Well, first time I went to pick up the bellies, the butcher didn't have them. Apparently the place they get their meat from ran short. The guy was very apologetic. But this morning, I called to see if they were in before wasting a trip.

The case weighs in at just over 23lbs. I wasn't expecting them to be loose like that- I thought they'd be in cryo, but this way will actually be easier I think.

I also got some of my anniversary presents a couple days early, which included a new slicer:

That sucker is sharp, too! Gonna make slicing this bacon very easy. I'm salivating already!!!

Hopefully going to get the cure going tomorrow after work, saturday at the very latest.
I like to start my cure on a Friday or Saturday and 2 Sundays later I'm ready to smoke my bacon. It works out perfect for 6 or 7 days to cure, 1 day resting out in open in the fridge, and day to smoke.

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