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Originally Posted by Wh1skey6 View Post
1) The metal actually turned a glowing red. Is that good enough or do I really need to burn the paint off? I'll hit it with paint stripper later on.
This is my ideology… no matter how the UDS looks from the outside [that's why it's called "ugly"]; from the inside it should be "treated" properly. The paint MUST be removed

2) There was a fair amount of rust inside. Not enough that it was caking off and when I hit it with a rubber mallet, a little dust came off. I hit it with a wire wheel on my drill and can definitely get to the steel, but that's a lot of work. I've read that this amount (not caking off) is insignificant and I should just season over it. Thoughts?
It might seem a lot of work, but it isn't; just grab the drill with the wire wheel... this is what worked for me

3) I found a set of black oxide hole saws in an old tool box in my garage. Can I use this on the drum?
for the holes you mean?

Yes you can... if they're for metal; there are hole saws for wood, that look just like the ones for metal:

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