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Default PyroDust BBQ Dry Rub - "Flavor In A Handful Of Dust"

PyroDust BBQ Dry rub has been around for much longer then its' name. I have been making what was to become PyroDust since 2004, it started as something I would make for my own use. Then I started to give away some as gifts for the holidays. Over the years, more and more of my family and friends kept telling me I should sell it.

It was after I heard that one of the jars I gave away at Christmas was being rationed, so it would last longer. I decided it was time to start what was to become a long journey, one that would at times seem impossible.

Part of the process was making a lot of BBQ as I adjusted the recipe; little did I know this would lead me to 3 versions of PyroDust BBQ Dry rub. The Original one was a bit spicy for my wife, so I made some with out the heat. I however found that to be far too mild. So I came up with our Medium version of PyroDust BBQ Dry Rub

Early this year, we started with our PyroDust Medium, and we quickly had request for our spicy and mild version. A few months ago we released our newest rub, PyroDust Steak Seasoning. This is our Beef rub, and is perfect for steaks and hamburgers along with a great brisket rub. We have several that we are still working on, Our PyroDust Atomic, is going to be our hottest Rub, literally… This is my favorite on Chicken wings; it makes use of the Ghost Chili to provide the heat.

In the short time since we started, we had 3 stores pick up our product, with several more expressing interest. A KCBS team used our product to help them win Grand Champion earlier this year. Along with lots of backyard cooks, that have fallen in love with our products.

You can read what they have to say on our website and Our Facebook page

Stop by check out our website and Facebook page, and order direct from us if there is no local Retailers. If you have a local Retailer in your area, Please buy our product from direct from them. We believe strongly in supporting those who carry our products.

Keep checking in here, We will be letting you know of our progress as we expand into new stores, along with new products

PyroDust BBQ Dry Rub
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