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Default Temperature Controller for Freezer or Refrigerator for Sausage Curing or Brewing

Several years ago I made a digital controller to use on my freezer and refrigerator to keep the temperatures consistent during brining, curing, and in sausage making. This works by cutting power to the refrigerator / freezer to prevent the refrigerator from getting too cold in sausage curing, and turns power back on as the temperatures begins to rise.

I spent about $100.00 on the high current teledyne relays and the digital probe and signal relay. While it works very well, there was nothing available off the shelf for this purpose.

I recently came across this freezer / refrigerator controller made by Johnson Controls (basically an analog line level thermostat with a remote bi-metal probe). Temp Controller

I thought those who are new to the sausage curing craft or brewing might have an interest in a simple device for that purpose at a reasonable price. Don't know if anyone has a need for this device or not, but thought I'd share it.

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