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Originally Posted by Wager View Post
I'm going to try my third brisket this weekend and I have a question about flavor. my first two came out like leather (issue #1) and tasted like pot roast. I HATE pot roast. is that what a brisket should taste like or should it taste closer to steak? I would really like to try and get it to taste more "beefy" or steakish if that is even possible. I just rubbed with salt and pepper on the first two, both of which were really small flats with no injections or liquids of any types (might explain the leather texture along with not cooking long enough ). I did foil for a while, would that cause it to be more pot roasty tasting?
I'm right there with you. I've had two briskets that were pretty good according to what I've seen and been told here by the brethren. They were both very juicy, and tender. The second was even injected with beef bouillon. My brother loved them both. I thought they tasted roast beef. I've only ever seen brisket covered in sauce and other things all stuffed on a bun. :-/
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