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Start with a full packer, at least 10 lbs. Trim hard or discolored fat and meat (very little meat should come off). Salt an pepper rub is fine. Put rub on no more than an hour prior to throwing it on the pit. Salt based rub can draw moisture out of the brisket.

Smoke at 275-325 or even higher (hot and fast). When internal temp is around 165 to 170 place the brisket in a large foil pan and add enough beef broth to cover an inch or so of the bottom of the brisket.

From here you can cover the pan with foil OR leave it uncovered. If you cover it, it will cook faster. If you leave the foil off you will get a more prominent bark.

At an IT of around 200 start probing it for tenderness. The point will be tender the flat might need more time. Check every 30 minutes or so until the whole thing probes tender.

Take foil off and smoke for another 30 minutes or so until the bark tightens up. Finally, transfer covered or uncovered to a 200 degree oven until you are ready to serve it.

Took me about 5 packers until it started Turning out great. Beef broth will kick up that beefy flavor you crave. It is unlike pot roast or steak. It is just plain down beefy goodness. I'd take perfect brisket over anything other than a ribeye that I cook.

Good luck.
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