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Originally Posted by AustinKnight View Post
Weigh out the salt and pepper, I use diamond kosher salt and course restaurant style black pepper my girl hates hot anything but she can tolerate it.I also use lemon pepper in my SnP mix though, dirty D rub.
What's lemon pepper?

Originally Posted by Daggs View Post
Trim the bark on theirs
That's what we did so far, but they would like to have bark as well.

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Using the stuff that comes in the tin will really spice it up, peppercorns get hotter the finer they are ground. I use 16 mesh for everything. Grind your own and control the heat. Pink peppercorns are very mild if course black is still to hot.
I already thought about grinding myself, and I already looked but could not find a proper mill that can do "larger" amount (we only have a small battery powered table pepper mill). What machine do you use to grind pepper? I would like to have a universal unit, to be able to grind down my very coarse Sal Marina Natural (that comes in 4.42 lbs bags) as well. Any recommendations?
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