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So, I stopped by the Depot yesterday after work and picked up the hardware I needed. I was able to get quite a bit done:

Bolts attached to the shell and motor test fitted.

Hard to see, but I got the lining & insulation cut out and the switch installed.

Switch & LED installed (exterior).

Attached the suction cup probe holder thingy to the inside of the door using a little dab of silicone.

Fan motor wired into the compressor power cord (blue wire nuts). I cut the positive and negative and connected the fan wiring - this way the fan will keep running even if the compressor isn't.

Before I went any further I decided to fire it up to make sure everything worked properly and that the motor didn't vibrate too much. Everything worked perfectly! Nothing caught fire or exploded. The LED went on when the fan was turned on. Compressor clicked right on and started cooling down the coil... what a relief.

Picking up the bellies tomorrow- it won't be completely finished, but it will at least be close enough to use for the curing.

Thanks for reading!
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