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Originally Posted by WhiskeyPigBbq View Post
I have 2500 reasons why I want to love my safe, but in truth and out of earshot of my wife I curse everytime I use it. I broke down and bought a weed burner in hopes I could preheat the smoker and use less wood getting it up to temp. This was somewhat successful. Next smoke I am going to go all natural and leave my new Cyber Q in the closet and see what happens. I am planning on making a new charcoal basket because 3-4 hours at best is no good. Its going to start getting cold in Chicago and the last thing I want to do is have to sit on top of my smoker while freezing my butt off.
Shoulda got a pellet pooper! That's All I cook on at home sometimes the UDS. I just want the BBQ vault again Becaise I have the perfect plan to control the temps and cook all meats on one pit
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