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somebody shut me the fark up.

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I agree with CD.

You don't HAVE to brine to get good results.
Even as the blogger said, if you closely watch your turkey, you can make it perfectly cooked and flavorful without brining or injecting.


I've TWICE done side-by-side cooks with 2 chickens, one brined and one not and BOTH times the brined bird was more moist and more flavorful.

I've also put different flavors in my brines and can taste those flavors in the meat.

I have 2 extra refrigerators in my garage and have a BIG stainless steel pot that will house 2 gallons of brine and a nice sized turkey with plenty of room to spare.

So, I'll keep brining.

I will also, however, try the salted technique and see what that's about.
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