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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
After reading this thread.
The sad thing is that is a known problem with Pitmaker BBQ vaults and safes. The whole build a small fire and keep adding to it is not the answer.
Since the door and firebox door is airtight, there can be only 2 problems. The exhaust is not sealing or worse the intake. Anytime your using a force draft system, to properly tune it, the intake and exhaust has to be easily sealable from 100-0%. I have dealt with many algorithm systems including pellets where you have to control fuel feed which even has more variables. The answer for these BBQ vaults and safes are the exhaust needs to be closed to 25% to keep it from drafting and having the runaway temps. Since your using so little fuel and using a forced air draft system, it's gonna flow 10cfms no matter what the exhaust flow is and actually you could probably go lower than 25%. The intake should be 100% open so the draft has has the ability to use the whole tuning spectrum with the airflow from 0-100%.
This even stems back to drag racing days. You take a naturally aspirated engine with decent heads that flow 350 Cfm @28" water on a flow bench intake and 225 Cfm exhaust, then engine is only gonna make the hp allowed by those flow numbers. Now put a supercharger or turbo on it (BBQ guru or stoker) and now your flow numbers of the heads drastically increased to double if boosted to 1 atmosphere (14.7 psi) the thing is that I can believe Pitmaker hasn't figured out this simple task yet!! What even amazes me more is that when Pitmaker allows people to have problems with their product and blame the performance issues on the customer. A fire runs just like a gasoline engine, wide open all the time until you control it via air and fuel and butterflies (intake and exhaust)
I sternly believe that Pitmaker is the best built cabinet smoker in the world, but when I order mine, it will be made how I want it, and I guarantee it will work how I want it to, perfect, just like my UDS does.
They sell Guru's and the adapters in the Pitmaker showroom. In fact I was just in Vegas last weekend with the PM boys and they were using a guru on theirs. I'm assuming they don't make them standard, because many people like to be able to cook without power...

Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
I agree with what your saying and it makes sense, however and this is only my opinion........ whether its a Pitmaker , Backwoods, Gator,UDS or a WSM. none where designed to use forced draft so using one is overkill like putting a Holley 1150 dp on a Pinto. I still don't get the fascination with a Guru or a Stoker especially on a vertical pit that is insulated and designed to run at a steady temp for hrs. IE a UDS once the desired temp is achieved it will hold it until it runs out of fuel. A Pitmaker being insulated will hold temps even better so why use one of these devices?
The Guru helps the pit regulate the temperature better. Since the vault is so heavily insulated, if you overshoot your target temp, it's a bi*&h to get it to come back down again...

I have a stoker on my BGE, but don't have an adapter yet for my PM... I love how well it works on the egg though. I can load it up with lump and let it run for DAYS... I've done 48 hour smokes before really low temp, 165, just as an experiment, just to see how much smoke I could get into a piece of meat! (It was phenomenal BTW)
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