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Originally Posted by Wh1skey6 View Post
Am I doing my math correctly here? Lots of popular builds on here have three .75" intake holes. That's a total of 1.32" of intake.

My biggest bit is .5" so I put in four, for a total of .78" of intake...which is quite a bit less than using 3/4" intake holes. (And before someone says it, no, I don't plan on getting a step bit in the near future).

My question is this: should I add more intake holes or is what I have enough? I thought about building this kind of intake cover, so more holes isn't a big deal:
Assuming your drum is otherwise reasonably airtight, you probably won't be able to get the temperature above 250 degrees with four 1/2" holes. Initial heating up to cooking temperatures will also be more difficult.
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