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I wasn't able to get much done since I couldn't remove the freezer shelf. All I could do was wait for the thermo/hygro to arrive.

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! The thermo/hygro arrived!

The probe/bulb was a bit bigger than I thought it would be, so I had to cut a bigger hole. No prob, tho.

I drilled a couple holes, and cut the middle out with my rotary tool. I fed the probe thru and covered the hole on the outside of the door with a piece of clear tape.

I squeezed some clear silicone into the hole from the inside. I used more tape to hold the wire down so it didn't move and create an air pocket.

I set the door aside to allow the silicone to cure. Then I turned my attention to the humidifier- this is when I had a revelation: why not use the motor & switch from the humidifier too? After some controlled demolition, I had struck gold!

A motor, plastic vented cover, 2 speed switch and an LED light to indicate then the fan is on.

My current plans are to mount the fan to the wall of the fridge, in front of where the compressor is using some long screws and large washers to stabilize it. Luckily, the motor also has some rubber bushings attached to it that will help reduce the vibration as well.

I'm gonna mount the switch on the outside of the shell, with the LED somewhere near it.

Ill drill a hole in the bottom corner, near the motor, feed the power cord thru and attach to the compressor's power cord.

The motor has a transformer built into it already. Since the humidifier plugs into the wall, there shouldn't be a problem wiring it to the fridge's power cord. I'm doing it this way to save from having to run extension cords because there's only 1 outlet where the fridge will go, and the freezer is already plugged in there. Plus I like the idea of it being more self-contained.

Comment away! Thanks for looking!!!
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