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This is not your pork!
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Angry 23rd Q: This is NOT Pastrami! [w/ pr0n]

Lessons learned this time:
  • For applying the curing salt do NOT follow the instructions of the manufacturer! It was way too little curing salt, so the brisket did in fact not turn into Pastrami at all. At least the ingredients prevented the beef from spoiling during it's 12 days sitting in the fridge wrapped tightly in plastic foil.
  • If you take the beef to IT 175F on the smoker, steaming a sliced portion for 30 minutes is NOT enough to further break down the connective tissue! It had way more bite than we had wished for. For the second meal we had it steaming for more than 2 hours, then it was nice and tender.
But see for yourself:

A rather small breast core of young Austrian bull with just 7.19 lbs

It had a nice looking flat, but a really tiny point

Rubbed in curing salt according to the instructions of the manufacturer and wrapped tightly in plastic foil for dry curing

And here we are 12 days later

It did NOT get that nice reddish throughout, the curing salt only penetrated the top layer and partly not at all, resulting in grayish spots

Firing up minion style with some buried apple wood

Beef on

The tiny point was ready after 3 hours 11 minutes

The point went into the cooler for resting, and on it went for the flat. Here is an overview of the cooking area.

Flat ready after 6 hours 4 minutes

Tiny point after resting

Flat after resting

Closeup of the sliced point

Closeup of the sliced flat

And on it went to getting steamed

It can't be denied, that the flat is just looking beautiful

So here we are after steaming for 30 minutes

Steamed beef closeup

Our Essence of Q Sauce

And the resulting sandwich

All in all it was a huge disappointment! Not Pastrami like at all, but a 12 days dry cured brisket, which does not come any close to the better briskets I have produced so far.

Pastrami production will have to be revisited after some time passing by, but then I will use the curing salt at my own discretion.
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