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Originally Posted by DJnKY View Post
My opinion on barrels.........

Many are expressing the opinion that you need a "food grade" barrel.
"Food grade barrels" speaks to the liner in the drum.

I would rather have a drum that had some sort of oil (cooking oil would be my favorite) in it rather than the "remnants" of a burnt off epoxy(?) food grade liner. A food grade drum was safe for food contact with the liner. That does not mean the burnt-off-liner barrel is "food grade" safe. I do agree with the idea that the liner burnt off, the metal sanded, and the drum seasoned is safe!!! Barrels that contained cooking oil, motor oil, degreaser, especially water based products when burnt, cleaned, and seasoned are IMHO safer.

I got lucky with my barrel. It was brand new and clean bare metal inside, best of all FREE! I started with one that had the red liner, I didn't trust it so I got rid of it.
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