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Where is your fan mounted onto the offset?

Is your pit probe about where I put it in the pic?

Originally Posted by Chocolatesoupcan View Post
I can get the pit up to temp in manual, but it does not seem to want to cooperate in auto. If i switch to auto mode at 225 and want to keep it there, it will usually drop to 210 then hover there with the fan blowing intermittently for 5 minutes or so, and then it keeps declining down to 160 or so. At that point I just give up and shut it off.
If I had to take a stab in the dark I would say that your 50CFM is overkill for your 12x12x12 inch offset box. Maybe turn down the HDC setting to 25% and see what happens? That should bring it down to 12.5CFM which should be plenty.

Question: When you see the temps drop way below the target temps on the Wolf does the fan blow at full speed?

If yes, does the fan at full speed snuff out the fire?

If no, something is wrong it should be blowing at full speed if you are 30-40F below target temps.

Originally Posted by Chocolatesoupcan View Post
Are you supposed to get the pit up to temp first and then switch to auto? or can you start from auto, and with your meat and pit values in?
You can start it below temp and it should bring it there automatically.

Originally Posted by Chocolatesoupcan View Post
Its a fairly big pit, and I can get it up 300 degrees in manual mode.
This eliminates the fan being the issue.
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