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Ugh. So I got to the barrel place and went thought the barrels. Wouldn't you know it. The food grade ones had frozen concentrated apple it had the freakin red liner. The guy didn't realize that was what I meant by liner.

I bought it anyways because I needed a barrel. I started googling different ways to get it off. Apparently there is a mix opinion about how dangerous the liner really is. Since I can't do a burn, I figure i have three choices:

1) hit it with a weed burner and try to get it off. Half tank of propane is $9.
2) fill it with a good portion of coals, lay it on its side, and let it burn. I read that the coals directly on the sides will get it off. Two bags of briquettes is about $14.
3) leave it as is and season it a few times

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