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Found some matches.
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Can you give us a little more detail on your setup?

Dimensions of the offset? 12x12x12 box with a vertical feed pipe and feeds out on the right to a large converted propane tank.

How you have it attached? Welded

Where did you place the pit probe? right side of pit,

Have you tried other settings besides the defaults? I set all the Phase 1 and Set 2. I have not adjusted anything else.
Phase 1, SC1 Pit Temps TC1 Time AL1 Low temp.alarm AH1 High Temp. Alarmand Set 2.

SET2 P1 Meat Temp. T Time for P1, minute P2 Temp after P1,will keep meat at P2. P3 Maximum PIT temp.when meat probe dominates

10 or 50 CFM fan? 50 CFM fan

I will try to load a pic through my phone.
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