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I'm still reading through this entire thread and cannot search yet. I wanted to ask this question even though it is probably covered somewhere later on from where I am reading.

I have a source of barrels not too far from me. Non food grade is $12, food grade is $24. The food grade do not have a liner (woohoo!).

I live in a suburban area and I'm not sure if my neighbors would appreciate a burn. (Funny enough, I used to live in the middle of the city and no one there would care if I had black smoke rolling out of my back yard for half a day).


1) Is the extra $12 worth it to get a food grade? The non food grade used to have cleaning stuff. Neither have a liner. Remember, I don't think I could get away with a big long burn.
2) Could I get away with using a propane weed burner on the non food grade? Is that hot enough to burn off any chemical that might, you know, make my next child grow a third arm?
3) If I go with the food grade, do I need to burn?
4) If I go with the food grade, do I still need to take a wire wheel to the inside?
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