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Default Sales Partner, Advice Wanted

I sent two pieces of LION free of charge to Canada and Australian and hope to get a professional manual written in English, but I fail to get any feedback.

Recently I receive a new offer. But It seems that I fail again.
There may be due to culture difference, or mainly my mistake.
What is your advice.
If I can trust him, I will send him a LION package free

Followings are our correspondences for your reference

To: ZhaoHui Wang <>
Sent: Thursday, November 1, 2012 8:42 AM
Subject: Re: Lion


Wish you the best of luck in the future. I am going to turn down the offer and move forward with something else.

I was very interested in your product and interested in helping you gain a foothold in the US. But, we just are not on the same page. Webpage is the beginning of a strategy. To gain sales, you need a marketing plan, exposure, and something that people will attach to. That begins with a website that has clear concise information, manuals, documentation, etc. Without that you will not gain confidence of customer base. Look at the DigiQ II - it has a slick website - sells a lot, many people buy them merely because of their website and confidence in the information.

Anyhow, take care. I am sure you will find the right partner in the future. Sorry 2 other people took advantage of you. That is very sad that someone would do that to you. Sorry to have heard that.

Thanks for taking the time to talk through email. Nice getting to know a little. Sounds like you have great ideas and a great product set. Best of luck!

Take care,


From: ZhaoHui Wang <>
Sent: Wed, October 31, 2012 7:58:05 PM
Subject: Re: Lion

site is necessary, but site is not enough
The site must be listed on top of research results
.The site also need to show up on youtube, facebook twitter, and major BBQ forums ect.
I have a very brief site
I need more a strategic partner than a web site builder.
I am well prepared to pay commission of U$40 for each LION sold.

LION, 10 CFM FAN, AC/DC adapter, Fan Adapter B for BGE+3' feet long corrugated pipe+Plastic Box
US$238, SAL mail cost US$30, total US$268.

Fan Adapter B for BGE+3' feet long corrugated pipe+Plastic Box will be ready in one week.
Fan, LION, AC/DC adapter will be placed inside the plastic box. It will look neat and RAINPROOF.

As I will refund you, I really need payment of US$200.
I trust you are honest,but I do not want to make same error third time.


To: ZhaoHui Wang <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 10:52 PM
Subject: Re: Lion

Can you hook up 3 probes at once? I do not need you to send the SS rainproof box to put it in. For the Large BGE I think I would only need the 10 CFM fan, so no need to send the larger one. Would prefer to see what you send as a base package for BGE, LION, adapter with shutter, and probes. That way I can take pictures of everything for BGE setup initially.

If we agree that the site will be called, I will reserve the domain name right away. We can still decide on naming the products. I could reserve it and put up a temp page right away so you can see I am committed to doing this with you. Doing this alone will cost me well over $100 as I have to prepay for domain and for hosting up front. I will also be able to track statistics through google analytics to see how many people visit the site and what they look at.

I think since I have to prepay to do this work, it is only fair to send me the LION for $100 up front. Once I get the site built you can refund that $100.


From: ZhaoHui Wang <>
Sent: Tue, October 30, 2012 10:13:24 PM
Subject: Re: Lion

One Guy bought a LION system, but he can not access LION to his Router.
The system includes LION, 50CFM fan. 10 CFM fan, 2 pieces of 11' feet long probes, one piece of 7' feet probe,
SS rainproof box, US$283.
But the SS box has flange A. I may send you a metal same size as original metal sheet on the air inlet of BGE,
You can bolting the metal sheet to SS box.
You can pay me US$200 now. When site is done I refund you US$200.
This way you get US$283 and extra cost of the metal sheet.
My Paypal account is


To: ZhaoHui Wang <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 8:57 PM
Subject: Re: Lion

I will agree to do website, manual, and post to Forums for the packages. But, not sure I can pay full up front. What if I gave you $100 deposit. I will have to spend money on website, hosting, etc. That way we both are invested. Once I get everything up you can refund the $100 deposit.

What about an Android application as well as an iphone application?

I cannot speak to Australian guy or Canadian guy. I am an honorable person with references. I simply do not steal and not keep my word.

I look forward to working with you. Let me know where to send the deposit to. You can send the lion to:

Dayton, OH

I will be hooking up to a Big Green Egg, so please include whatever attachment is needed. I will be taking new pictures to post on the site as well.

We will need to decide on the name of the website.


From: ZhaoHui Wang <>
Sent: Mon, October 29, 2012 8:48:23 PM
Subject: Re: Lion

1.If you do a web site for me, plus manual, and post on BBQ Forums ect. I will give you a FREE lion package.
But I do not give free sample right now. The Australian guy said that he was working on an offshore platform of oil field. I supposed his income was over 200K$ per year at least. WE also had long discussion. The Canadian guy also said working for a big company.
2.You need to buy your LION now. Later if you do what you promise to do,I can refund you. I think you shall trust me.
3.If you are more involved in marketing and sales, I pay you commission of $40 for each set of LION
4.Right now I am developing an Thermostat, 80 to 260 VAC, 15Amps, Dual probes. Dual outlets in SSR.
and with WIFI. It is something like LION. It can be used to control electric smoker.One outlet is for heating element,and the other outlet for smoke generator. It can also control fan to a charcoal burning smoker. It can be used in sous vide. Certainly it can be used in beer brewery too. But how big the beer home brewing compared with smoking.
5. LION can be viewed and controlled from an iPhone directly without Internet. I mean that you can use LION as TIGER,but use your iPhone as remote set.
Tiger's remote set can not control LION

To: ZhaoHui Wang <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 6:16 AM
Subject: Re: Lion

I manage both people and products. I don't have time to do something full time, but more than happy to help get a website up and do some other things. Would want to start small and see how things go from there. The key is getting everything in English, with good manuals, tips, how-to's, picture's, blogs, etc. Quality will also be very important.

I am an electrical engineer by education, though I have not done much in my career with electronics. I am very good with computers, etc.

Hui Long Guan looks like a nice place in looking at it online. I live in Dayton Ohio.

I have done outsourcing to india for technology projects. Have had mixed results. Not always better than having your own team do it.

I think having options to add inputs down the road for the Lion is a huge selling point. I think that "moisture" might be something to think about. No one does that. What benefit in cooking low and slow - like a pork butt be with a moisture probe.

Beer brewing is another great example. Ability to have a controller that controls the temp of a brew cycle would be huge. Guessing an electric burner might be required, but having a digital thermometer would be a good benefit. I spend a decent amount of time on the homebrewing forums and follow them as well.

There are some good examples out there to market to and gain traction. I think when you look at the DigiQ for example, they have a polished nice looking product. Your product looks great as well - but I have read some things on the forum about things arriving dirty.

Anyway, let me know if your interested in sending me a Tiger or Lion to look at. Can the Lion use the remote monitor like the Tiger? That would be an excellent thing to have the option to add. Like I said, I do not mind getting a website put together as a starting point. That way we both have some skin in the game. You will get a website to use moving forward if it does not work out and I will get a unit.


From: ZhaoHui Wang <>
Sent: Sun, October 28, 2012 8:12:53 PM
Subject: Re: Lion

Are you managing people, the employee.
Or are you manager of product.
I am just thinking whether we can do something more

I myself is a mechanical engineer.
But I live in a district called Hui Long Guan in Beijing.
Many IT people of China silicon valley of Shang Di are living in Hui Long Guan.

Many Western European companies outsource software to China and Indian.
Indian do software much better than China as Indian speak English.

As to say develop projects of both Software and Hardware together, China is far better than Indian.

China can produce ALL hardware of IT industry except the latest chips.

My LION can Monitor temperature and Control fan via Internet.
I can add more inputs and outputs, say moisture, temperature, water content, wind, window, shutter, fan, pump, heater ect.
It can be used to remotely monitor and control of a greenhouse, poultry farm, and house automation.
I find one company doing greenhouse remote control in states.
Do you think there is a market for it, a true big market, or just a few crazy buyers there.

Again we can do all IT related areas, software+hardware. say barcode decorder

We have very qualified IT persons too. Only pit is that most do not speak English. Otherwise they would already emigrate to Canada, Australia.

What do you think

Wang, from Beijing,China

Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 11:09 PM
Subject: Lion

Its easier to send emails than try to communicate through ebay.

What is the cost difference between Lion and Tiger?

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