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Originally Posted by Ramiro0727 View Post
I have a question. A buddy of mine brought me a sealed drum. He wants me to make a UDS for him. The drum had antifreeze stored in it. Should there be any concern using this drum for a UDS build?

Their is always a concern using a drum that is not new/unused.

as for the antifreeze, it really depends on the type of antifreeze that was stored in it. Most automotive antifreeze are made of water and Propylene glycol, which is, according to the FDA in proper dosages food safe. And another concern is, is that all that has ever been in it?

Now even with that said I would not trust a government agency to say what is ultimately safe for me and my family. Your best bet is to BURN the hell out of that barrel. Very little can survive a hot fire, then a good scrubbing.

My barrel was marked as used for "food grade, biodegradable, cosher coconut oil." No clue as to where or what that was used for as I got it from a steel recyling plant for $7. I cleaned, burned, and cleaned again.

Burn it and you should be good, but you will always find nay-sayers that will say otherwise.

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