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I was a bit concerned about having enough travel for some of the meats I use. I think the Wally-World MC might be out then. Unfortunately, my nearest stores are a Walmart 25 miles away that doesn't stock slicers (or a lot of other appliances), and Sears, Sam's, Khols, etc. 125 miles away, so actually looking at different models isn't happening unless I happen to be up there.

I thought I'd be done debating this by now. I'm really starting to lean toward a Rival 1110, just because I pretty much know what to it's such a simple and solid design that if anything breaks or dies I can likely fix it.

The Kalorik looks decent too, but I think it's nearly the same dimensions as the MC at WalMart. It's hard to tell from the pics, especially since they're all at angles. I haven't managed to find a straight pic of any of them. If the blade diameter is listed it's easy to overlay a grid and figure out the dimensions...a ruler on the screen will do it too, but that's not "nerdy" enough.

And so the search resumes...
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