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Chad, I checked out that site. I didn't find a slicer, but my Christmas list just tripled in size!

I've read decent reviews of both the Chef's Choice models mentioned. You really have to throw out the reviews by dumbasses who expect a $100 consumer appliance to perform like the machine at the deli. The PS-10 J-Rod asked about would be awesome, but it's more than double my budget.

Choloway--THAT is what I've been hoping to stumble upon, but I'm not holding my breath. I used to have one a lot like that. I got it at a second-hand store for $10, but my ex-wife took it, along with a nice meat grinder, stainless pots and pans, and a Kitchenaid mixer with a ton of doodads totaling nearly $1K when we split up. It was still worth it, though.

I'll probably order one tomorrow after giving it a good think. Either CC 625 or 610, the Kalorik I was eyeballing, or this one that Wally World just got back in stock today: Unless I find something like that Rival tonight!

EDIT: There are dozens of Rival 1110's on eBay for good prices. I guess it's a five way race now.

Thanks for the input.
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