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I've looked a CL and a local classifieds site. The pickings are slim out here in the sticks. The nearest CL listings are usually 150 miles to the north, south, or west of us. Long drive for a slicer.

I looked at a Waring at Sam's. It seems solid enough frame-wise, but I've read a lot of complaints about the drive.

Has anyone used a machine from Kalorik? The one I found online has a 200W motor, and appears to be mostly metal...though it could be silver plastic. I have also found listings for YH, which appears to be made my the same company, but has a 150W motor, and a lower price tag. I'm also considering a Chefs Choice seems to be a decent machine, but isn't a lot cheaper than the Kalorik which has better reviews. It also looks to be mostly plastic, which is fine if it's designed well and doesn't flex too much.
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