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Originally Posted by Grain Belt View Post
That is absolutely awesome! I have a good friend that brings me Kings and Cohos from Lake Michigan each year. I brine and smoke it and make a very good product but was looking for "something else." This is it! I love this site for inspiration!

I always feel that you can taste the effort in good food. I am sick of the mantra "it's so easy" when it comes to food. Cowgirl has put in the effort and I'm sure it can be tasted in every morsel of that salmon. I can just hear the someone saying "Damn, this is good!" at a mid winter cocktail party after someone tries a cracker with that dip on it.
Grain Belt, Thank you!! I bet your fresh smoked salmon is wonderful!
I'm hoping to try this canned salmon out on my deer camp friends in a few weeks.

Please keep me posted if you process some!

Der Husker... Thank you!!

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