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I hit up the search bar for some cure recipes and techniques. Here's my plan:

Cure the bellies using Morton tender quick, brown sugar, black pepper, some clove, chipotle chile, bay leaf and coriander.

I'll apply the cure and vac pack the bellies. They'll go into the fridge for 5 days, flipping each day.

After the 5 days, soak overnight with at least 2 water changes. Then, back into the fridge, uncovered, overnight to form the pellicle.

Next day: smoke w/ cherry wood and baste with maple syrup. I don't know if I will need to use a bowl of ice in the smoker or not, it depends on if I can get the drum to settle in at a low enough temp.

Remove from the smoke once the internal temp reaches 155*, cool and slice.

I'm going to make my Boss's with the chipotle and some of mine, but most of mine will be without because wifey can't eat it.

I will post pics as the process goes along, but it will be quite a while as I have to finish my Fridge Mods, then procure the meat and the cure & smoke have to be scheduled in a way that it ends on my day off so I have time to smoke, chill, slice and package.

Whew! Looking at the process on "paper" it seems like a whole lot of work, but it'll be worth it.
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