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Default Letting Raw Chicken Come Up To Room Temp?

Howdy Friends.

There about 1 billion recipes that call for letting your raw chicken stand for 30 minutes, even many up to an hour at room temp. This for roasted chicken, grilled chicken and fried chicken. I have let chicken hit room temp before frying (about 40 min) and it cooks more even and much faster. So far, not sick yet. I do however fry the kids chicken tenders straight from the fridge to the flower to the fryer just to be safe. I have been doing this with steak for years but chicken scares me. I really want to continue this method cause my fried chicken comes out so much better. I don't have to over cook the outer layers to get the inside to 165. It doesn't over brown and best of all it doesn't cool down my hot oil. Very famous chefs have this recommendation in their chicken recipes. What ya'll think?

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