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Originally Posted by rookiedad View Post
wow nice work! i would love to try this? i don't know anything about canning so my question is does the pressure canner additionally cook the salmon? what temp does it get up to during the canning time? thanks.
Thank you rookiedad!
The salmon is not cooked in the smokehouse, it is cold smoked, so it is still raw.
The canning process cooks it. This is not the same as lox.

Here's more info on pressure canning..

There are four basic agents of food spoilage enzymes, mold, yeast, and bacteria. Canning will interrupt the natural spoilage cycle, so food can be preserved safely. Molds, yeast, and enzymes are destroyed at temperatures below 212 F, the temperature at which water boils (except in mountainous regions). Therefore, boiling water processing is sufficient to destroy those agents.

Bacteria, however, are not as easily destroyed. The bacteria, Clostridium botulinum produces a spore that makes a poisonous toxin which causes botulism. This spore is not destroyed at 212 F. In addition, bacteria thrive on low acids in the absence of air. Therefore, for a safe food product, low-acid foods need to be processed at 240 F. This temperature can only be achieved with a pressure canner.

The amount of pressure and the length of time you process the jars is determined by your altitude too. You need to follow the instructions for the pressure canner that you have.

Canning intensifies the smoke flavor so a shorter amount of cold smoke is best. The shorter smoke time also makes for moist salmon.

Hope you give it a try... and keep me posted!
Thanks again..
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