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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thanks everyone!!

Originally Posted by code3rrt View Post
There she goes again! MY goodness me........that looks great!

Pretty good stuff with some cream cheese, chopped red onion and capers on a bagel too!
Geeeeze, you probably make those from scratch as well, LOL.
Great lookin' stuff Jeanie
Thanks Code3! I've tried it on a bagel...and it was pretty tasty.

Originally Posted by plakers View Post
Wow that looks terrific. Love the smokehouse, I gotta put one of those on my list.

Great KISS salmon dry cure, too.
Thank you Plakers!! I wanted to keep the cure simple, also the canning ingredients. Was thinking of the dishes I am going to use this in and didn't want anything too powerful. Really love my smokehouse, it's getting old but still works great. Thanks again!

Originally Posted by Kazion View Post
Mostly I just lurk here, but this one demanded that I post a thank you for such wonderful work, both in the process, and in describing it.

Thanks from the sidelines!

Thank you db!! Really hope you decide to come out of the shadows and join in. Would love to exchange cooking and smoking ideas with you!

Originally Posted by Arlin_MacRae View Post
Thanks, Jeanie. My Jeannie and I taught a canning class last week and salmon came up. She did salmon when she lived in Alaska with great results and now, thanks to you, I can SEE how it looks. ;)
Question: do you have any problem with foaming since you add some oil?

Arlin thank you!! Some times I wonder if we are related. lol We seem to enjoy the same things.
No problem with the oil foaming. Sometimes when canning pork, the rendered fat will seep under the lids during the canning process and interfere with the seal, but had no problem with the 1/2 tsp of oil in this.
I know you can add many things to the jars for flavoring, jalapenos etc... but I wanted this to be more about the smoked salmon for future dishes.

That's great that you two teach canning classes. Thanks again!

Originally Posted by Big George's BBQ View Post
Do you raise your own salmon too

lol George....I wish!! Thanks..

Thanks again friends!
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