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I would not cut out the freezer section..
if you want to use it to cure and air dry meats etc.. which normally needs temps in between 50 and 65 F.. I suggest following:

buy a line voltage switching thermostat something like this..
(check the current rating on your fridge to select the correct switching amperage of the thermo) and mount it inside the unit.. drill a hole in the fridge and route the 2 cables connected to the thermostat to the outside - apply some silicone around the cables to plug the hole.. - connect the line voltage supply cable to a powerplug and the switched line after the thermostat to the powercable to the fridge.. now set the original thermostat in the fridge to the coldest position and leave it like that - now your temp will be regulated by the newly installed Thermostat..

for air circulation install a fan somewhere in the fridge and you're in businesss..
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