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Thanks. I have done our farmers markets here in Riverside County off and on for a few years, so well aware of the HD requirements. Luckily they are easier than ventura. For handwash, we can use a drink cooler with warm water, and they are happy. For 3 compartments, we use plastic bus tubs. We cannot hold hot food in cambros, but we use steam tables/chaffing pans. We also have to use the screened in room, and all food must be prepped and cooked on-site.

Would love to see pics of your set-up.



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I am now in my 7th week doing a small market here in Ventura, let me say, its not all that easy to get all the EHD things in place. First, with the " small sink", you (at least here in Ventura cty) need a 3 compartment sink, a seperate hand wash sink, at least 30 gal of potable water, and a waste tank 1 1/2 times that ( 45 gal). Food has to be kept at min of 135, and a cambro is not allowed to keep things warm, its only for transportation, you need a full screen house around the e-z up, all coolers have to be 6 in off the ground, all meat has to be seperate, chicken, beef, pork, none together. There is a lot more, hope I didnt discourage you, it can be done, but what a royal pain. I have pics of our set up if you'd like, let me know.
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