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Default Easy PASTRAMI Tutorial, Part 2

2 weeks ago, I brined/spiced 2 rump roasts for pastrami and corned beef. I opted for the nitrate/nitrite-free approach which only sacrifices the pink/red color of corned beef/pastrami, but the flavor and tenderness remain unchanged. The 1st thread is here . The corned beef thread is here

For the pastrami, it's a snap. I took the corned beef rump roast from brine, rinsed it off, and soaked it for 30 hours in cold water in the fridge, changing the water 3 times to draw the extra salt back out. (you can also start here with the soaking step with a purchased raw corned beef brisket)

Then I dried it off well with paper towels, rubbed it with some olive oil (many spices are fat-soluble and give off better flavor in the presence of oil), then covered it well with the pastrami rub. I merged a few recipes and came up with this: 4 tbsp coarse ground black pepper, 2 tsp coarse ground coriander, 1 tsp dry mustard, 1 tbsp brown sugar, 2 tsp garlic powder, 2 tsp onion powder, and 1 tsp chicago steak seasoning.

Then it gets tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and put in the fridge for 8-24 hours or more (mine was 16 hours) for the seasonings to melt their flavor into the meat.

I smoked it indirect with apple chunks at 275-300 for 4 hours or an approximate IT of 150-ish.

Then I put it on a wire rack in a tented foil-covered pan with beef broth in the bottom to steam for approximately 2 hours until 180-200 IT depending on which cut you use. You don't want the liquid touching the meat or it will wash off your crust and boil the meat. Also try to tent the foil up and off of the meat.

Then let it rest a bit, and slice against the grain and eat warm, or cool and slice and eat later if you are more patient than me!

And a little bit with some of the pan broth

DANG is it GOOD!!! The rest is sliced and resting in the fridge for sammies tomorrow This is SO easy, you CAN do it!!
Thanks for lookin' at my cookin'!!
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