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Default Puff Daddy makes a Smokin' Fridge

I haven't seen a fridge thread lately and I have the opportunity/need to get one of my own, so here's my journey:

I bought a mini-fridge when we moved in to my in-laws apartment. I always knew I wanted to have it around to use for something, but that was before I got into smoking... back when I had money. Anyway, I decided to turn it into a multi-purpose brining/curing/dry aging fridge.

I called my meat guy and got a decent deal on pork bellies, but I have to get the whole case bacause it's a special order- luckily, my boss agreed to split it with me, so it was off to the in-laws' house to pick up the fridge.

It looked pretty good until I opened it up.

:y uck::yuc k:

Come to find out it had come unplugged at some point and the frost from the freezer ran all thru it. The in-laws had tried to soak up the water with paper towels, but then forgot to take them out... oops.

So, a bottle of Bathroom Cleaner (mold & mildew formula) and a bunch of elbow grease later, it finally looked like something you might be able to store food in.

I set the pieces up so they can dry/air-out overnight. Tomorrow I'll try to get some more done, but I have a few questions:

1) Has anyone ever tried to disconnect the freezer shelf on one of these? It makes more of a mess than it's worth and I figure I can clamp off the little copper tubes that supply it and caulk over the holes.

2) Can anyone recommend a decent Thermo/hygro with a probe or bubble? I was planning on cutting a hole straight thru the door and attaching the face of the hygro to the inside with some silicone but then I found this

I'm thinking I could just drill a small hole thru and mount the screen on the outside of the door.

3) I was thinking about taking the inside panel off the door and replacing it with a flat panel of plastic to give me more room on the shelves. I might not need it, but I'd rather be safe.

Questions? Comments? Ideas?

Thanks for reading! I will post pics of whatever I get done tomorrow.
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