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Originally Posted by rcbaughn View Post
Should corned beef be stringy? I don't know how the famous places like Katz in New York serves their corned beef in sandwiches, so I'm wondering if there are proponents to both sides of how the texture should be when sliced.
Crumbly/stringy is good. As in how the grain of the meat starts to come apart , almost fall apart like a good brisket. I sliced it perpendicular to the grain as you would a brisket, or most cuts.

Originally Posted by captndan View Post
I reread part #1. It seams that without the nitrites and nitrates the meat is just sitting in the fridge with some spices. Nothing wrong with that but what retards spoilage? Please take this a little further.
There's enough salt and sugar in the brine to prevent spoilage indefinitely. Many people opt to cure meats without nitrates or nitrites. It is quite acceptably safe . The brine tenderizes the meat rather well also.
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