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I just take it like it is, dont wrap it in anything. When we judge contests, the ONLY meat that is ever warm when it gets to you mouth is a chicken thigh. The judging process beforehand kills most of the warmth.

You place your box on a bread tray at turn in.... it sits until 6 are on the tray. The tray moves from turn in table to a number changing table. After numbers are changed. It moves to table captains table, where they check the numbers to ensure they do not have a duplicate number going to their table (maybe 5 min elapsed)? Then carried to their judging table, box numbers read off to judges, (1 min) First box opened and shown to each judge for presentation, each judge has the box in front until they give a nod. then box is closed and placed back on tray. Repeat with other 5 boxes. (2 min) Now back to first box, opened and passed around by all 6 judges. Each judge takes a sample and lays it on cold cardboard. it sits in open until all 6 samples are on table. (2 min) Now judge tastes sample 1, while the other 5 sits in open on cardboard. getting cold.. Luck of the draw you hope your sample one and not 6. Chicken stays warmest, brisket is always cold.
Test for yourself, and can actually help you. Next time you do a slab of ribs at home. Put a bone on a piece of cardstock and wait 3-4 minutes. taste it, thats what judges get.
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