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Well the cook went relatively well but I think it could have used another hour or so of cooking. I threw her on at 12:30PM and she came off at 4:45PM, internal temp was 202F and I foiled and rested it for an hour.

First I want to mention this, for some reason the Dog thermometer and my Maverick were never in sync, im not sure which one was accurate but I chose the Maverick since it is wireless. I plan to do the water boil test to see which one is off.

With that said here is my review(forgot to take pix when I smelled the pork, sorry), the Dog held temps very well once it reached the targeted temperature. Not having a mounting clip for the probe was a bit of an issue, I used half of lime as a stand but that threw off the temp, I then laid it on the grill which also threw temps off, I finally stuck it in with the Maverick mount so that both probes made a cross.

As I already mentioned the temps were not in sync so how did I overcome this? Once I reached my desired temp 350F(according to the Maverick), I took note of the temp reading on the Dog and set my SC1 to that temp 371F. Temps fluctuated up and down by 5F but for the most part it held rock solid.

This unit does not recognize when you open the lid and registers it as a temp drop, the fan will blow at full speed until you replace the lid. This was an issue for me when I went to add more charcoal.

In conclusion, the Dog did what it was supposed to do according to the temps it displayed. My only issue is that the temps were not in sync with my Maverick but besides that im happy with it. Hopefully this temp issue can be solved by adjusting the PB setting on the unit.
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