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Originally Posted by davefan360 View Post
how come you removed the nice cerved mount w/ the flat bottom that was on the tank only to then cut a curve into the tube stock? why not just keep the mounts that were there move them if needed, then re-weld them back on and just use square tube for the legs?
Throughout the build we are always making choices on how we want to build it. Choices are based on having a unique look, functions easily, the tools that we have for the build and materials. We are making something out of nothing (I bet I heard my dad say that a thousand times when I was a kid). For us, itís not how fast we can get it finished, itís the build and having time to work on it together that makes it fun. We wonít be finished until sometime next year.

For us, the compressor feet were not something that we wanted to keep. The feet were not tall enough for what we needed. Instead of welding extensions onto the feet, we just made one piece legs that were the right length. Cleaner look and it helps it look less like an old compressor tank. The 4Ē tube was free material. Were trying to make it look as professional as we can with the skills we have and simple tools and materials that we have to work with.
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