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Got Wood.

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Got my CyberQ Wifi this week. It came with Firmware v1.1. The faceplate of my unit has a bit of a different look to it than the ones I've seen.

This thing is a breeze to set up. I powered it on, connected to it directly with an iPad(the Guru comes set in ad hoc mode), and immediately went into the Wifi Setup. I changed it over to infrastructure mode, typed in my router's SSID and password, submitted the values and rebooted the device.

Gave the CyberQ a minute or so to boot up, logged into my router(DIR-655), and could see the Cyberq was connected as it was listed under my router's wireless clients info. I then assigned the CyberQ Wifi's MAC a static IP address from my router, and forwarded Port 80 to the Guru's static IP, and BOOM, I can connect to and configure the CyberQ Wifi from anywhere!

It took me maybe all of 5 minutes to complete. I wish all of my electronic gadgets ect. would "just work" the way this thing does! I envisioned a lot of troubleshooting.

Now, onto the apps discussed here.

First off, I installed palmtreefrb's Windows controller software on my desktop PC. Everytime I launch it, it gives me the following error message:

I click "Continue" on the error box and it disappears. From that point the program appears to run fine. I typed in my Guru's IP address and the controller software immediately connected to it and started reading the temp probes etc. Now, after clicking the "Stop Cook" button, when I try to close out of the program I get another error:

I have to go into the Windows Task Manager in order to shut the program down.

Moving on to HKChad's CyberQ BBQ Monitor for Android.

I installed the app on my Droid Charge, typed in my router's WAN IP address into the "Server Name" setting under Preferences, and let 'r rip. The app picked up my CyberQ Wifi right away. No glitches, it works great!

Oh, and I decided to purchase this little accessory for the CyberQ Wifi when I ordered it.

Big thanks to HKChad and Palmtreefrb for all the work you guys have done creating the apps for the CyberQ Wifi etc. Much appreciated!

All in all, I can't wait to cook with my new gear!

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