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Default Chucky Side by Side Throwdown: Butcher Paper vs. Foil!

Chucky is on sale at a local market so I decided to pick up a couple and do a little side by side comparison of one cooked wrapped in butcher paper (BP) and another in foil. These two were cooked as close to old Virginia style as I can get right now. Here are the details.

The Cooker: Bubba Keg
The Meat: Two ~2.5 pound chuckies
Rub: Salt & Pepper
Smoke: Oak Chunks
Temp: 300*-325*
Cook time before wrapping: 1 hour 15 minutes
Cook time after wrapping: ~2 hours
Done: When the meat probed like buttah
Rest: 30 minutes

Here is a side by side while resting.

The BP wrapped chucky.

The foil wrapped chucky.

And, especially at this time of year, beware of the ravages of vegetarianism!

Side by side before slicing and chopping. BP wrapped on left, foil wrapped on right.

BP wrapped chucky sliced and chopped.

Foil wrapped chucky sliced and chopped.

BP sliced and chopped on left. Foil sliced and chopped on right.


Both were delicious!

The BP wrapped chucky most certainly had a firmer bark.

The foil wrapped chucky took about 20 minutes less cook time to reach the target tenderness.

Ultimately, you can't go wrong either way. But, if you like a little more chew in the bark, the BP is the way to go.

Thanks for looking!
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