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I think the presets that he keeps mentioning in Thegizzard's review would be a good point to start if you dont want to dust off that calc book.

1. P=0030 I=0240 D=0060 (This is what is on the Dog as a default)

2. P=0030 I=0000 D=0000
3. P=0060 I=0000 D=0000
4. P=0010 I=0000 D=0000
5. P=0015 I=0000 D=0000
6. P=0007 I=0000 D=0000

*The larger the P, the SLOWER the temperature will rise, when I & D are 0000.
*The smaller the P, the FASTER the temperature will rise, when I & D are 0000.

Setting I & D to 0000 while playing around with P is all you really need to do to fine tune it if I am understanding him correctly.

For those of you that understand these graphs here you go:

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