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Originally Posted by Mapleleaf View Post
Interesting...2 questions:

What kind of system are you mounting it on?

Did you order the 50cfm fan specifically?

If these questions are disruptive, I can move this to PM.


Hey Mapleleaf, not disruptive at all, id be happy to answer your questions. I do my smoking in my 22in Weber OTS. I did not order the 50CFM fan, I asked for the sake of others and will be adding it to my unofficial manual.

I plan to do something similar to this:

This is the reason why I chose that adapter, I figured it would be easiest to mount a 1in hose to it. I will also be throwing my Maverick in that box as well and probably have something to block the sun. Although I find the box to be rather ugly the functionality of it out weighs that for me.

To mount it to my kettle I will be using a dog dish, bolt, wingnut, toggle nut and 1inch pvc piping:

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