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Woodpelletsmoker, couple of more questions for you:

Originally Posted by Toronto View Post
Pb (default SV value 0000)= used to calibrate the temperature probe.
How does this work? What happens when you change the SV values?

Originally Posted by Toronto View Post
UdC (default SV value 0000)= this value must be changed when using the larger 50CFM fan. I am not certain of the value needed for the 50CFM fan.
What SV value is needed when changing to the 50CFM fan?

Originally Posted by Toronto View Post
This button scrolls left with every click, it is used to easily enter large numbers without having to do it sequentially. This button will also start and stop the fan.
After changing the HDC value to 0050, this button no longer stop/start the fan. When I push the button it will stop for 2 seconds and then begin blowing at 0100 power, is this normal?

Originally Posted by Toronto View Post
I want to turn off the beeping sound that happens when I push a button, is it possible to make it completely silent?
I am going to assume that you cannot make this unit silent. This may be a feature you want to add if you decide to make changes to this model. I find the beeping to be unnecessary and rather loud. I can see the changes I made on the LCD display so the beeping is not required for me, others may have a different opinion.

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