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Made boudin this past weekend for our pop up restaurant series. Theme: Cajun.


4 c. Rice, medium grain
7.5 c. Stock, pork
6 bunches Onion, green, tops only, chopped finely
3 lbs Pork belly, roasted, finely chopped
12 oz Liver, pork, cooked and finely chopped
8 each Intestines, pig, soaked in hot water
Pepper, black
Pepper, cayenne
* ,stock to boil
* Add rice, cook according to package directions
* Blend hot rice with onion tops, pork belly, and liver, season heavily with salt and peppers
* Thread intestine onto extruder, tie knot in end, feed rice mixture into feeder funnel at top of machine, as stuffed intestine reaches 6" in length, spin it to form sausage shape, continue til intestine reaches end

pic + notes
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