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Found some matches.
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Well I got an email from the owner of Pitmaster John. He wants to use my cooker to produce a FAQ video for using the IQ on the Akorn. I think it is a pretty cool offer to have the designer of the company work with my grill and my pitmaster to dial it in and then share the results with me. I only live about 45 mins from him and will be taking the pit up there this weekend.

I have been playing with it almost all day and I have used it to control a fire for 2 hours now +-10 at 225, It over shot to 237 and it is slowly falling back to 235 and seems stable for now.

I started with a very small fire, I hooked up the IQ and set it to 175. It over shot to 179 and stabilized. I then adjusted it to 200 and it over shot to 207. I then programmed it to 225 and it overshot to 237. I currently have a red light and the temp is falling. I am hoping that it returns close to 225 and maintains. However in the past it has overshot and then the bottom fell out of it and the fire died. So we will see.

I will update this post later tonight and let you all know how it goes. I have wasted a lot of lump to figure this out but for now it "seems" that I have got it down.

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