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Originally Posted by davefan360 View Post
i like the cap on the chimney. did you make the spring handles or buy them? also on the angle iron for the rack, it looks like it sits below the edge of the door? if this is the case won't you have to then lift the rack before you slide it out? I just did some marking and measuring on my tank. I came up with 17.75in for the door? how big is your door? and are you doing 4 cook racks? 2 on the bottom and 2 on top? How hard is the door to open? and to keep open? or will you ad counter weights? I will post photos of my build but right now all I have is the tank and a trailer. I am taking photos as I do things but nothing to Internet worthy yet.
Huntin Smoke bought the springs off of the internet. Angle iron is flush with the bottom of the door opening. Racks will slide out with no problems. We made the doors 24" from the top center. We are going to have 4 racks. The door is not that heavy to open. No counter weights needed. We will add some stops to the hinges so that the door stays open off center towards the back. If that lid slamed shut on your fingers, it would take them off.

Looking forward to seeing your build.
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