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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Very nice Phrasty, I love ramen or udon made with pork bone broth. Did you boil it long enough for the bone to break down? I have to say, Tonkotsu (or Chinese Milk Broth) is one of my favorites broths.

I tend to use a whole pork butt, and boil it down at a medium boil for hours, you need to add some water. It makes a milkier broth than you appear to have hear. I am sure Buccaneer knows this stuff.
Thanks Bob! Just read your other thread. Really good stuff.

Like a lot of the stuff that I do I wouldn't call this "Traditional" as is but it sure was based on a traditional tonkotsu. I didn't use a whole shoulder. I used about a case worth of shoulder bones (spines, ribs & blade bones) as well as the ribs I trimmed off the char siu belly and a pork leg bone. This time (and the last) I did not rinse the bones as Bucc suggested but I think I'll do that next time for sure! (Thanks Bucc)

Now this was a lot of bones in the broth and it was simmered low for about 6 hours. In addition to the veggies I added a bit of soy (gave it the color) along with some dashi and mentsuyu. As Bucc mentioned all the "impurities" were skimmed from the stock as it simmered. I did not add water to the stock as I started with a lot of bones and a lot of water. I like a stock that has good body flavor-wise so I let it reduce a little. Then it was strained and served...

I too really hope more of the brethren try this out. It's amazing as far as a soup goes... Yes it takes long but in a different light I find this just as good and satisfying as a smoked butt so it's worth the effort in my eyes. And the largest upside to me is that I actually have a damn good use for the bones that I have left over from jobs that would otherwise end up in the trash! Win-Win if you ask me!

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