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Default Best Brisket Yet (pron)

So, after some recon, I found a butcher pretty close by that has whole packers (i think) for just $2.78/lb!!! That's amazing considering the "Big Chain" stores around here want $5/lb +. I actually used to go to this place all the time before I got into smoking for steaks and lunch meats, etc. I forgot about them until just recently when I was calling around to find a better deal on brisket.

So, I picked a couple up for a rainy day (my next day off). They were both around 12lbs, point attached with a decent fat cap, but not too much fat.

I fired up the drum with Blue K and half a choke cherry wood split, as I always do. I seperated the point from the flat for easier handling/more even cooking/more rub & smoke penetration. The drum settled in right around 260*. I put the flat on the bottom grate, point on the top.

I seasoned the point with just some coarse sea salt and black pepper. I gave the flat a healthy coating of my Dynamite Brisket Rub and put them on the cooker at about 11:00.

The point was done around 5:00, but the flat didn't finish until around 6:45. I went by probe feel for doneness, so I don't recall the exact internal temps. Both were right around 200* I think.

Here's the flat:

And the point:

All in all, it came out very good. Although, next time I will go lighter on the rub and leave the point on longer as it was a little chewy.

Thanks for looking!
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