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We have had a lot of interest lately in fatties (a good thing) and want to bring this thread back to life for some of our newer members.

I started cooking fatties before all the stuffed and wrapped variations came along.
When they became popular, I tried many versions of them but have gone back to naked fatties for the most part.
I probably cooked 15-20 breakfast fatties (my favorites) and could never get them correct to the point that they were worth the effort, at least to me.
The potatoes would be over or under cooked. I like some "crisp" to my potatoes and could never get it. The correct ratio of eggs, taters, onions, etc was elusive and I never found it.
Determined that I was better off just cooking naked ones and putting slices on my plate or adding them to eggs, hash browns, etc. with the amount of other stuff I wanted for breakfast.

Also, I always cook a few extra and freeze them as naked fatties. They become slices to re-heat to go on the breakfast plate, into biscuits, or into some of the World's best Sausage Gravy
Never could do that with the stuffed/wrapped ones.

I still do the fancy ones around the holidays when I want to "impress" family members and I am sure they will all be eaten

To me, reverting to Naked Fatties was just a "practical" matter, not any dis-like for the fancy ones.

And, they make great (and economical) presents, bribes, or rewards

Just my thoughts as folks start down the trail on the great fatty adventure.

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